Your Kid’s Eyesight Could be Affecting Their Grades

Your Kid’s Eyesight Could be Affecting Their Grades

Only one in ten children will have an eye exam before they start kindergarten. Considering that one in four kids have some form of vision problem that means that there will be a significant number of children starting kindergarten with eye issues that their parents are unaware of. If your child starts school with poor eyesight, then they are at a major disadvantage from the start and if parents are unaware, then their teachers will be as well.

Children don’t express or may not understand that they have a vision problem that needs prescription eyewear for correction. Parents may not realize that their kids have eyesight issues and may not take them to the optometrist for a visit. Eventually, poor eyesight will impact their schooling, when it could be prevented by a simple eye exam before kindergarten and the purchase of stylish discount corrective eyewear. Ontario Associations of Optometrists reports that 60 percent of children with literacy challenges have an undiagnosed vision problem.

Since 80 percent of all learning done in school is visual, vision is important for children to achieve their full potential. A Johns Hopkins pediatric ophthalmologist is conducting screenings in some Baltimore schools to produce a first-of-its-kind study that attempts to link vision deficiencies and literacy in a school-based population. Case studies have linked vision and literacy, but there has never been a large-scale study on school-age children. The health department is even getting involved and looking for innovative ways to get kids eyes examined, such as mobile eye clinics that visit schools.

Many American cities are beginning to realize the importance of eye screening in young children. Many of these same cities are joining efforts to give young children access to eye exams, change regulations in schools that would require students to be tested sooner, and find them affordable eyeglasses. They are also trying to raise parent awareness of the issue of getting their children’s eyes checked prior to enrolling them in school. The earlier you detect the problem, the better equipped you will be to treat, curb, and even correct the condition. It is equally important to get children used to the idea of wearing prescription glasses, rather than having them think that it is not normal or something to tease others about. If your child needs corrective lenses, you can allow them to find an eyewear style and color that suits their style and that they will feel confident in.

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