How to Prevent Your Discount Eyeglasses from Fogging

How to Prevent Your Discount Eyeglasses from Fogging

The time of year has come when temperatures begin to drop, frost and snow may begin to pile up on the streets and windows, and people will need to layer on clothing in order to stay warm. While there is a sense of magic created by a winter wonderland, there are still some complications that the cold weather brings with it. Besides having to purchase special tires to drive in the snow or having to laboriously shovel snow, there is also the seemingly minute problem of foggy glasses. While this appears to be a small complication caused by cold weather, the individuals who suffer vision obstruction due to fogging may disagree.

Removing your affordable prescription eyewear for a wipe down when they are foggy is not a huge chore, but repeating the process over and over again can quickly become a frustrating and futile endeavor. Under certain conditions like driving or up on a ladder, working in a dangerous location, riding a motorcycle, or any number of scenarios that requires your full attention, stopping to wipe your glasses can be a dangerous mission. However, not wiping them down and allowing the fog to hinder your vision can be even more dangerous. The epitome of a rock in a hard place.

The cause of this constant source of irritation is condensation brought on by temperature changes, or humid conditions. Leaving a warm house or car on a cold day, or an air-conditioned environment into a hot summer afternoon causes moisture to build upon your discount eyeglass lenses. Body heat can also be a contributing factor to foggy glasses.

Eyeglass Factory Outlet is a discount eyeglass retail company that realizes having foggy eyewear is a legitimate issue. We have compiled some of our most effective tips on how to prevent your discounted eyeglasses from fogging up in changing weather patterns and environments.

  • Fog-free lens spray
  • Anti-fog paste
  • Anti-fog wipes
  • Clean your glasses with a small dab of shaving foam
  • Rub a small amount of pure white bar soap on the lenses and then buff off
  • Use rain repellent for car windshields on your glasses
  • Clean your glasses with your saliva
  • Choose a pair of affordable prescription glasses that sit away from your face to allow for some circulation
  • Opt for prescription mountain climber sunglasses
  • If you wear a full face mask to keep your face warm, try opting for a scarf. This is a choice between keeping your face warm or clear glasses
  • Reroute your exhaled air by trying to direct your breath downward, away from your glasses.

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