Should You Buy Prescription Glasses Online?

Should You Buy Prescription Glasses Online?

Eyeglass Factory Outlet knows that if you have ever considered buying your prescription eyewear online, then you should also know that it is a great way to save a ton of money! In fact, if you purchase discount eyeglass frames online, you can save not only money but time. Buying eyewear and frames online is very convenient and will allow you to compare various prices and frame options in order to find the absolute best pair that suits your style, and you can do so right from the comfort of your home. Most online prescription eyeglass retailers, like Eyeglass Factory Outlet, even offer free shipping. Perhaps the best part – there is no sales associate pushing you to purchase expensive frames or their “bargain deal” that really just makes you spend more money in the end.

In order to make the process even easier, Eyeglass Factory Outlet has some tips for buying eyeglass frames online.

1.What You Will Need to Know.

Before you can find the perfect pair of prescription glasses online, you will need to know some information in regards to your eyes and your prescription.

  • Prescription. If you already have a prescription established, you can call your eye doctor to receive it over the phone. You will need to write down your oculus dexter (OD), oculus sinister (OS), and the spherical correction (SPH).
  • Pupillary Distance (PD). Your eye doctor will provide you with your pupillary distance measurements. If you do not have these measurements you can use a mirror and a ruler.
  • Lens Material and Coating. You will need to consider what lens material and coating you will need. You can choose from polycarbonate, high-index, and basic plastic for the lens material. For coatings, you can opt for ultraviolet, anti-scratch, or anti-reflective, as well as tinted.


2.The Return Policies.

Most online retailers, such as Eyeglass Factory Outlet, offer a guaranteed return policy if you are not completely satisfied with the prescription eyewear that you chose.

3.Vision Insurance.

Vision insurance covers a portion of the eyeglass frames that you choose at a physical location. If you do have vision insurance, you will need to review your policy and see exactly what your benefits cover. However, Eyeglass Factory Outlet offers such great prices and amazing discounts on prescription eyewear, you probably won’t need your vision insurance.

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